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Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch In 2023

The year 2023 is shaping up with new challenges across different industries in the Cyber Security space. Every year some severe and noteworthy cyber-attacks happen. The pace and scale of these attacks and the cyber challenges expand the overall threat landscape and overwhelm enterprise defence systems more quickly than ever. But the new technology and innovative approach from the cyber security experts in solving these challenges are raising new hope in the security space.

Cyber security experts are eyeing several trends that will significantly affect the technology and security advantages over the next year and also impact the industry this 2023.

Look at the top 7 cybersecurity trends in 2023 that professionals need to watch.

AI to dominate the cyberspace

  • AI has become a crucial part of several market segments and is combined with machine learning which bought tremendous changes in cybersecurity today.

  • Natural language processing, automated security systems, threat detection systems, and face detection features are a few builds from AI technology.

  • AI is also used to develop intelligent malware attacks to bypass the new security protocols in data controls.

  • The threat detection systems can help predict novel attacks and quickly notify admins of data breaches.

Vulnerability of Cloud

  • Almost every organisation moved to cloud space and established their business activities today.

  • The security measures on the cloud should be monitored continuously, and update essential data to prevent leaks.

  • The cloud applications like Microsoft and Google are highly secured, but from the user end, they can act as a source of errors and malicious software and likely pulls the users into phishing attacks.

Automation and Integration

  • As data is floating like an ocean every day, it is eminent that automation has integrated to provide high control over the information today.

  • The workflow and the demand also pressure professionals to deliver quick and proficient solutions, which adds significant value to automation.

  • Various security measurements can be incorporated into the agile process to build highly secure software.

  • In 2023, large and complex web applications will be hard to secure, turning automation and cyber security into significant roles in software development.

Evolution of Ransomware

  • For the past two years, ransomware attacks have been on the rise.

  • Working from home has become the norm, allowing hackers to access stored data.

  • Organisations are paying an average ransom of around $1.2 million to hackers to save their valuable data.

  • The main targets of hackers are data centers and the IT sectors. This trend will continue the shift in hackers targeting governments and hospitals.

  • It is expected that ransomware attacks use more technical languages, which makes it quite challenging for cybersecurity professionals to detect them.

The advent of IoT and 5G

  • With the advent of the 5G network, the new era of interconnectivity has become a reality with the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • The multi-device communication also opens a new way to vulnerabilities from outside.

  • It influences attacks and unknown software malware.

  • The 5G architecture is new to the industry, which may bring new loopholes to secure the system from external attacks.

  • The manufacturers need to be more strict in building up the highly sophisticated 5G software and hardware to control data breaches.

Bottom line:

The new cybersecurity trends in 2023 brought more fear in organisations to stack up the proper security measures. It is expected that organisations will spend more dollars on protecting their assets in the year 2023. Gearing up your security and privacy is the best way to secure your assets, and we can help you in all ways possible with our experts. Connect with us today.

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