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Business Continuity

Our solution to help your organisation maintain critical business functions in disruptive events.

Business continuity planning implements risk management processes that prevent interruptions to mission-critical services and systems, and recovers them to BAU status within an acceptable timeframe.

The start point for business continuity is to understand the critical systems and processes within the organisation, and the probability and impacts of threats such as cyber attacks, supply chain disruptions, fires, floods and other external threats. A business continuity plan identifies the recovery strategies for essential functions, the resources required, and details the processes for restoring services.

Our Business Continuity services include:

  • Business continuity program assessment

  • Business impact analysis 

  • Recovery response creation and resilience improvement

  • I.T. continuity planning

  • Business continuity awareness & training

  • Program exercising and maintenance

  • Business continuity audit support

  • Critical supplier risk assessments

  • Delivering Business Continuity capability to support ISO 27001 certification

  • ISO 22301:2019 implementation and certification maintenance

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Don't Pay for Instability.
The True Cost of Distruptions:


Productivity Loss


Loss of Revenue


Increase Labor Cost

Business Continuity Implementation Plan

Business Continuity Management Services

Use Case: Corporate
Messaging Platform

200 Employees


The company pursued ISO 22301 in response to recent service interruptions breaking their Three-Nines Uptime SLA.

  • Gained robust continuity plans for critical functions

  • Demonstrated commitment to regulatory compliance

  • Avoided downtime, losses, and reputational damage

  • Is able to secure additional investment and scale their platform

Business Continuity Planning Solutions

Minimize Disruptions, Maximize Success

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