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Business Continuity

Ensure your organization's essential functions remain uninterrupted with our robust business continuity planning.

Business continuity program assessment

Business impact analysis 

Recovery response creation and resilience improvement

I.T. continuity planning

Business continuity awareness & training

Program exercising and maintenance

Critical supplier risk assessments

Delivering Business Continuity capability to support ISO 27001 certification

ISO 22301:2019 implementation and certification maintenance

Business continuity audit support

Our Business Continuity services include

Mitigate Financial Losses

Business continuity plans are crucial to prevent significant financial impacts during disruptions, which can cost up to $1 million per hour for critical failures.

Enhance Resilience

These plans protect data and maintain customer trust, helping to safeguard the organization against potential crises.

Reduce Operating Costs

Effective continuity planning can reduce long-term operating expenses by preventing costly breaches and downtime.

Manage Vulnerabilities

As systems grow more interconnected, managing vulnerabilities across hybrid IT environments is essential to maintain continuous business operations and compliance.

Preserve Customer Relationships

By ensuring operational continuity, businesses can prevent revenue loss and maintain strong relationships with customers, even during disruptions.



Productivity Loss


Productivity Loss


Productivity Loss

Don't Pay for Instability.
The True Cost of Disruption:

Use Case: Virtual Healthcare Startup

700 Employees

The healthcare startup pursued an ISO 22301 implementation to establish a resilient foundation for patient care and adhere to industry regulations.

  • Developed comprehensive continuity plans for critical medical services

  • Proved commitment to patient safety and regulatory compliance

  • Minimized disruptions to patient care during unexpected events

  • Fostered credibility as an emerging healthcare provider in the industry



Identifying threats, assessing risks, identifying dependencies, defining Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO) & Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD), and detailing recovery priorities

Solutions Design

Define strategies and solutions, detail resource requirements, create supplier risk mitigation strategies, prioritise recovery activities, identify solutions for single points of failure and key dependencies. 

Enabling Solutions

Implementing the continuity solutions, defining the response structures, developing BC Plans and IT Service Continuity Plans


Scenario exercising, IT service recovery testing, maintenance of the BC program, review of applicability and continual improvement

Business Continuity Implementation Plan

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It takes 6 to 18 months 

to implement ISO 22301.

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