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Privacy Notices

Learn how to write a privacy notice so it meets your organisation's needs.

18 Min. Read

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Vulnerability Management

Know the technical aspects of conducting a vulnerability scan, what the data means and how
to request a scan by submitting a request.

8 Min. Read

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Cookie Notices

Learn the essentials of writing a cookie notice and how to conduct a cookie audit, including what it means and how to submit an audit request.

15 Min. Read

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Regulatory Compliance

Learn how to identify current regulations and what to do next so your organisation can comply.

5 Min. Read

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Spear Phishing

Learn how to conduct a spear-phishing campaign and make sure your organisation is vigilant about their online activity.

9 Min. Read

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Data Processing Agreements

Access a data process addendum (DPA) that you,
the data controller, should employ when involving data processors.

7 Min. Read

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Data Subject Requests

Understand the concept of a data subject request (DSR), the many types, and how to be prepared for the actions you may be required to perform.

7 Min. Read

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Risk Management

Understand what a risk assessment entails according to NIST or ISO/IEC 27005 international practices to identify and measure risk across the organisation.

10 Min. Read

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Penetration Testing (PDF)

We've prepared a brochure for how we perform penetration tests at Allendevaux. This document
also provides some insight into the usefulness of pentests.

12 Min. Read

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Vulnerability Scanning (PDF)

We've prepared a brochure showing how we do vulnerability scans at Allendevaux. This document also provides some insight into the benefit of vulnerability scanning.

10 Min. Read

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Here’s a simplified applicability exercise designed to help organizations determine if they fall under the scope of the NIS2 Directive.

5 Min. Read

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As a business considers what needs to be done to comply with the NIS2 Directive, here’s a high-level checklist that is helpful for perusal.

6 Min. Read

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Explore Data Protection Tools and Resources

The ISO/ANSI credentialed team at Allendevaux & Company has spent over a thousand hours building this repository of data protection guidance. We want to make it freely available to the community. Below you will find many tools and templates you can use at no charge. Please note this information is provided as helpful guidance and is not legal guidance.

Ask Your Own Questions.

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