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What is Vulnerability Management? - Top Vulnerability Management Services

What is a Vulnerability Management Service?

Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) are more than just a SCAN!

It is a continuous process that helps detect, prioritise, and fix vulnerabilities. From the infrastructure to code, Vulnerability Management offers complete coverage encompassing your organisation's systems and processes.

Why do businesses need vulnerability management services?

Organisations should always need a proactive defence system as new vulnerabilities keep arising every day. Most companies adopt a reactive posture and always try to stamp out the vulnerabilities soon when discovered.

But, this approach leaves your security system perpetually behind. Instead of trying to patch everything, you need to focus on those vulnerabilities at high risk to your organisation.

Analysing and prioritising the vulnerabilities based on risk-based remediation and data-driven metrics with clear dashboards helps your organisation's objectives to minimise patching and business downtime.

Businesses need Vulnerability Management Services to avoid the following circumstances:

Ransomware -operational disturbances

Theft of intellectual property

Corporate espionage

Hacking quick buck

Identify IP and hacking sensitive information

Losing customer trust

Implementation steps by

Step 1: Defining the scope

We check all the security areas like hosts, servers and other systems across the organisation and define the scope documentation to initiate our process.

Step 2: Launching or performing scans

vulnerability management service experts perform web application and host-based scanning, which thoroughly checks the vulnerabilities in the servers, and host systems.

The host scanning covers the external and internal scans for the organisations with separate business setups.

Performed automated scans using the Quails platform to check potential issues.

Investigating and mapping the threats, potential exploits are noted

Step 3: Prioritise findings

Finding the most significant vulnerabilities is the primary objective of this step.

the best VMS providers will prioritise the level of risks and how to remediate the same in a sequential priority manner.

Step 4: Reporting

After performing the above three steps, we will deliver or present the detailed and precise vulnerability dashboards to the customers and explain the potential risks and how to remediate them better. Charting out the remediation plan to fix the vulnerabilities that matters the most.

Benefits of Vulnerability Management Services

Enhances Productivity – As they focus on your security, it helps your teams to be more productive in other tasks.

Cost-effective security –VMS services help you save the costs on full-time workloads, tools, and licenses.

Strengths the security –VMS service experts help you stay compliant with the regional regulations and also reduce your security debt

Simplified remediation plan –VMS services provide a detailed, structured and easy-to-understand remediation plan layered with the rescans and quick remediation.

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