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The Best Penetration Testing Services in US – Meet Allendevaux & Company

Organizations are experiencing increasing security threats with the advancements of cloud storage, bring-your-own-devices, and remote working culture. As security evolves, hackers are trying to stay a step ahead and break the safety barriers. As a result, there are a growing number of threats from inside the organization from malicious users, to loss of security credentials to unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Allendevaux’s Penetration Testing Services discovers the vulnerabilities in your network or a system and suggests ways to remove or lower the risk that is associated with those vulnerabilities. Penetration Testing can be done

manually and automatically as well. We always prefer manual penetration testing using various pen-testing tools.

Top Penetration Testing helps:

Validating the internal and external security controls

Reduces the attack surface

Supports gain visibility of security gaps

Simulation of existing threats using manual approach

Simulation of threats to organisations

Tests effectiveness of security tools

Prioritises budget for security

Testing response to identified threats

Types of Penetration Tests

Black box penetration test – In this type of penetration testing, we will not ask for any external systems and will perform the services with no authenticated access to customer systems.

Grey box penetration test – In Grey Box, customers will provide the website and login credentials, and host systems. We perform testing in user-perspective like what are the things that a user can access and if there are any risk points associated

How does Allendevaux Perform Penetration Services for your Organisation?

Implementation Steps

Step 1

Connect and Coordinate

Our team will set up an immediate meeting with the customer to understand the type of testing that is preferred. If the customer has already experienced a breach, we will suggest the type of scan required for the specific case.

Step 2

Identifying scope

The team identifies the scope by analysing the listings, IP addresses, and websites. We perform initial research to define the scope.

Step 3

Launching VMS

We perform the Vulnerability Management Services to identify the vulnerabilities across the organisation.

Step 4


Our team will gather all the high and low risk assessments and the respective information with a combination of manual and automated testing.

Step 5

Use attack surface

At this step, our team will identify the potential weaknesses; exploit attackers, and the attack plan.

Step 6

Preparing the Recommendations/Reports

Post analysis using attack surface, our team will provide the recommendations with a detailed report on the high and low-priority risks

Step 7

Remediation & Re-testing

Retesting after fixing the potential risks or vulnerabilities is essential to ensure security. We perform four different tests as a part of remediation.

Finally, Allendevaux provides you with an Attestation Letter post the service. Penetration Testing Services is a recurring one as we always recommend companies perform pen testing at least twice a year to avoid serious risks.

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