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Vulnerability Management

Identify. Mitigate. Strengthen.

Identify vulnerabilities, assess threats, and strengthen your security posture with accuracy and proficiency.

What We Test



Web Applications

Hosts and Servers



Third-Party Software

Policies and Procedures 

Why You Need Vulnerability Management Services:

Proactive Defense

Regulatory Compliance

Enhanced Productivity

Risk Prioritization

Cost-Effective Security

Avoid Negative Impacts

Our 2 Approaches

Combining these two approaches ensures a comprehensive and detailed review of the organization's systems, offering an accurate perspective on the organization's security posture.

Automated Scanning

Manual Review and Validation

4-Step Vulnerability Management by Allendevaux

Step 1: Define the scope 

We coordinate with customers to identify hosts, servers, web applications and other systems across the organisation to define the scope of the VMS and initiate our process. 

Vulnerability Management Service

Use Case: Food Distribution Company

1500 Employees


A Kansas-based food distribution company supplies millions of people with food every week. After witnessing the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, they were concerned about the security of their infrastructure and potential service disruptions.


We scanned hundreds of their endpoints and discovered:

73 Urgent Vulnerabilities (Intruders can potentially gain access to the system)

52 Critical Vulnerabilities (Intruders can easily gain access to the system)

176 Serious Vulnerabilities (Specific information is accessible)

163 Medium Vulnerabilities (Detailed information about the system is accessible)

470 Minimal Vulnerabilities (Basic information about the system is accessible)

Narrative and Remediations:

The food distribution company’s concern was absolutely justified. If a hacker searched for an opportunity, they would’ve been able to exploit the organization for a lot of money while affecting millions of people’s access to food. We were able to help them remedy all Serious to Urgent issues and learn to patch vulnerabilities in the future.

Identify and mitigate risks before they pose threats.

Vulnerability Management services

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