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Who We Are &
How to Show It


Table of Contents

  1. Behind the Brand

  2. The Big Lowercase Letter

  3. Common Design

  4. Resources

  5. Inspiration

  6. Requests & Questions

1.0 - Behind the Brand

1.1 About Us

The name? We get asked about that a lot. It's pronounced: a-len-deh-voh.

It's the surname of our cofounders, Rebekah and Scott Allendevaux. The core of our company is solving complex problems for other organisations. 

We're professional problem-solvers. We simplify complex or hard-to-understand concepts. We do a lot of different things, but we do it well. ---


1.2 Why?  

Privacy Matters. We want the world to know and do our part to help.

Every person has fundamental rights and we believe one of those rights is privacy.


In today's age, some people try to downplay that.

Today we're connected so tightly with the internet that information equals bank accounts, conversations, and the key to ruin a person's life. 


This is why we must protect each other!

2.3 Our Personality  


At our core, everything we do revolves around some level of empathy. This means people first. Part of our product is our brains, of course, but it's also what holds it.. us! We're selling the smile, the confidence that shows certainty, and the healthy body who was able to wake up early. All of that depends on caring for each other and our customers. 

We hold quality over rushed. We show favor to truth over misinformation. We show kindness to a stressed teammate. We are passionate about helping others.

These are just a few things, but we hope they leave you feeling inspired.








2.0 - The Big Lowercase Letter

2.1 Logo Origins  

Our previous logo was an elegant, calligraphic style 'a' from the Edwardian Script family. It was backed by a rich, dark red tone.


Later we found the red brought a mood of attack, while our company provides more defensive services. Therefore, we decided to move away from the red to a confident and bright blue.

As the company grows, the next iteration begs to be released. We should look to communicate more about what the company does through the logo.

Logo Evolution.png

2.2 What's Next  

This iteration is meant to represent the idea of defense and assurance through a subtle reference to lock. You could even use right-arrow alteration as a small icon.

While a fresh look is a nice benefit, the main motivator for this change is improvement in readability and scalability.​

We have a great new website and the logo should match it and complement the overall feel of our brand.​


2.3 Primary Logo  



Base Font: Acumin Pro Medium

The top left of the a is dragged down to create a closed lock. ---

1.1 The Big Lowercase Letter

At our core, we serve as professional problem solvers.


This section of the company is different from the rest. You'll only get a few narrow parameters as most legal documents must follow a common structure. In practice, this means we must work with subtlety and nuance to accurately show the character of the company. 

A Developer's Perspective On Our Branding


Functionality is great, but a good experience to accompany something that works is even better. However, it doesn't come without intention. This page helps you understand how to create a user interface without needing to guess. 

Before we begin, it's important to mention this content is a guide, not a manual. These recommendations are meant to simplify your workflow and help you develop something that's consistently amazing.

Solve Problems. 
Remember Humans.
Keep It Simple.