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NIS2 Compliance
Deadline Approaching

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Deadline: October 17, 2024

Cybersecurity is crucial for businesses across the European Union. The NIS2 Directive (Directive (EU) 2022/2555) introduces rigorous standards to enhance infrastructure resilience against cyber threats, significantly broadening the scope and increasing compliance obligations.

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Why NIS2?

The NIS2 Directive responds to evolving cyber threats and the shortcomings of its predecessor by setting higher security standards for a wide array of industries, aiming to fortify the EU’s cybersecurity framework.

Objectives of NIS2

Infrastructure Resilience

Heighten security measures and risk
management to safeguard essential services.

Collaborative Enhancement

Boost EU-wide cooperation on cyber threat intelligence and defense strategies.

Rigorous Enforcement

Implement stringent compliance checks and enforcement protocols.

Scope and Applicability

The NIS2 Directive significantly expands the scope of its predecessor to encompass a wider range of sectors and entities. Entities covered by NIS2 include:

Essential Entities

These are organizations that provide services critical to the functioning of society and the economy.

[electricity, oil, gas]

Banking and financial market infrastructures

[air, rail, water, road]

Drinking water and wastewater management

[hospitals, healthcare providers]

Digital infrastructure 
[DNS service providers, data centers, cloud computing]

Important Entities

While not as critical as essential entities, important entities still play a significant role in the economy and society.

Postal and courier services

Waste management


Food production, processing, and distribution

Space-related services

Is NIS2 Applicable to
Your Business?

Key Highlights of NIS2

Broadened Sectoral Scope:
Including more sectors and entities.

Stricter Security Requirements:
Robust risk management and supply chain security.

Enhanced Incident Reporting:
Clearer requirements for timely and effective responses.

Improved Supervision and Enforcement:
National authorities now have increased powers to
ensure compliance.


Compliance Checklist

Assess if NIS2 applies to your organization.

Implement robust security measures
and an incident response plan.

Conduct a thorough risk assessment.

Ensure supply chain security.

Establish efficient incident reporting mechanisms.

Develop a cybersecurity strategy.

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NIS2 compliance process

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