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277 Days

That's how long it takes to identify and contain a Data Breach on average.

This can be

Mitigated with Regular Internal Audits.

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You Can Significantly Reduce Your Risk With Data Protection as a Service.


That's the Average Cost of a

Data Breach in the United States.

$8.44T (USD) 

That's was the global cost of cybercrime in 2022. 

Protect Your Business From Being a Part of That Number in 2023.


With Allendevaux You're On The Way To Getting Covered.

Talk to Us and Find Out:

How We Help You Become Market Compliant.

Is Your Data Fully Protected and How You're Representated in Case of a Data Breach.

How You Meet All the New Legal Requirements to be a Cloud Service Provider.

As a Full-Service Agency, we're here to fill all the gaps.

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